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How am I doing with Ven? What do you like? Dislike? Why? How can I improve him? Please be courteous, as flames and general meanness don't help me with the character's voice.

Anon is on, IP logging is off, and comments are screened.
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♥ - I REALLY don't like you >:|
♡ - I don't think I like you :c
♡♡ - You seem okay
♡♡♡ - Oh, wow, you're kinda cool! :D
♡♡♡♡ - We're definitely friends!
- Best friends forever
- Like a brother/sister
- Love (platonic or romantic)

Until I realized that it was you who held me under )

Felt it in my feet, in my bones, in the hallows of my eyelids )
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Name: Ryuuto
LJ: [ profile] dblrainbowfairy
E-Mail: flynn dot scifo712 at gmail dot com
IM: felledjustice

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[After checking out the decorations and the huge tree inside the mansion, Ven bundles himself up to go outside and see if anything out there has changed. Eventually, he happens across the rip that leads to his home world, the Land of Departure.

Naturally, he jumps in to check it out. He's pretty sure he can handle himself, and if it's bigger than he can handle, then he can either run or call for back-up. Strangely, Master Eraqus isn't around, leaving the serene world completely empty.

There's another strange thing. There are other rips in this world, too! But these go to other familiar worlds. There are three rips in the Land of Departure. One leads to the Enchanted Dominion, another to the Castle of Dreams, and the last goes to the Dwarf Woodlands. He heads into the last rip, and again finds it empty, but this time it's a little exciting. Not only is home here, but now he can show other worlds to the others!

That's why he's excited when he turns on the comm, sitting down at the table in the little cottage Snow White and the seven dwarves lived in.]

This is so cool! All the worlds I've been to are here, too! Well, in the winter time, but it's still really neat that they're here.

[Ven's grinning so much at this revelation.]

Does anybody want to come explore them with me?
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[Ven's not entirely sure he's doing this right. He gives the camera a perplexed look.]

Does this thing even work? Oh!

[He accidentally presses a button. The screen is dark, but the audio is coming in just fine.]

Oops! Um, how do I turn that back? …Please say I didn't break it.

[And then he's back with a triumphant smile!]

There! I think that did it.

So…I guess, people can hear me, now? [The blond gives the audience a somewhat awkward hand wave.] Er, hi! I've got a question to ask.

Has anybody seen my friends pass by or if they're even here? One's a girl with blue hair and eyes, and the other's a boy with brown hair and dark blue eyes. They're both pretty tall, I guess. The girl's name is Aqua and the boy's is Terra. I'd really appreciate it!

[Ven thinks for a moment.]

Oh, yeah, can anybody tell me about this mansion place? 'Cause I don't think I've ever been here before.


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